Are you running a tours, travel or taxi service?

Though most of your client may prefer to call for a taxi, your website may help you get more clients.

Most of people like to know more about your service when they are not on the move and need a taxi immediately, say in 30 min or less. They would like to know about types of vehicles, drivers, rate, special offers and discounts, and much more. Many of them go to Internet to find the service available in their neighborhood. More than 2.2 million people search for ‘cabs’ every month (Source: Google Keyword Tool ). It shows that you have huge business potential over Internet. To tap this potential, people should be able to discover you over Internet and know more about your services.

You can use your website for a number of things, like the followings:

  • Publish your business contact details like phone, emails, and contact person
  • List out your service charges
  • List out the kind of services you offer
  • Special services like wheelchair cabs, specialty cabs, etc.
  • Build a community where people exchange feedbacks about your services
  • Offer special discount to loyal members and clients
  • Advertise your special offers

To get discovered on the Internet or in other words, to bring more traffic to your website, you need the followings:

  • Google and other search engines should show you on first page when people search for services you are offering. For example, if you are offering Limo Service in RED WOOD, CA, you should appear in first page when people search for something like ‘limo red wood’ or, limo red wood ca’. This is called keyword ranking. A higher rank, i.e., appearing in top search results, means more probability the visitors will visit your site and may become your client.
  • More number of sites, directories and social networking places referring to your website means more people will find and visit your websites. These reference are called backlinks. Creating large number of good backlinks is part of what is called off-page optimization.
  • The quality of your website will ultimately decide whether visitors would like to avails services your are offering or not. This is generally known as on-page optimization.

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