Local Optimization

Focus in your neighborhood for targeted customer

Local SEO Service is best for a company when its target client base is located one or more small geographical areas. For example, a doctor or lawyer targeting local clients in a city should select local SEO for his website. Law firms, attorneys, medical practices, small businesses, family owned local establishments, and restaurants are other examples where local SEO may be wise option.

Google places and maps, local citations, listing in directories based on regions and cities, etc. play major role in local optimization.

GPRS based technology is contributing in big way in development of local optimization.

Some of techniques used for local SEO are:

  • Configuring the Meta Tag description indicating the Keyword, City, State, Zip, Latitude and Longitude coordinates:
    • <meta name="keyword" content="Lawyer, Law>
    • <meta name="zipcode" content="12345>
    • <meta name="city" content="Bronx>
    • <meta name="state" content="New York>
    • <meta name="ICBM" content= "123.735,-24.45>
  • Listing the keywords, name and location in the Header title tags to allow the local search crawlers to navigate the website and look for local terms that will relate to searches.
  • Inbound and Outbound links to other local websites and directories etc.

Contact us for local optimization of your website to get high conversion rate for your business.

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