Case study of your website

Send your website to us for a critical case study. It will cost you nothing. After studying your website and analyzing data, we will create a comprehensive report stating facts and suggesting the means for you to improve traffic to your website.

Our report deals with all aspects of SEO related to your website. We create a customized report for each website.    

Below are some highlights of a recent website analysis report:

3.1	Branding	5
3.1.1	Company Logo	5
3.1.2	Clients Logos	5
3.1.3	Sister Site	5
3.1.4	Footer links	5
3.2	Look and feel	5
3.2.1	Make pages centre aligned	5
3.2.2	Font, colour etc.	6
3.2.3	More picturesque Navigation menu	6
3.2.4	Too few images and pictures on most of pages	6
3.2.5	Make homepage image interactive	6
3.2.6	Strong home page	6
3.2.7	No Video	7
3.2.8	Text heavy pages	7
3.3	Cross browser compatible	8
3.4	Website Technology	8
3.4.1	Classic asp, time to move on	8
3.4.2	XHTML and CSS, minimal use of tables	8
3.5	Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines	8
3.6	Functional Design	8
3.6.1	Too large website without search and good sitemap	8
3.6.2	Glossary	9
3.6.3	Link to other sites opening in same window	9
4	SEO aware design	9
4.1	Basic website elements: header, navigation, content/body, footer	9
4.1.1	Meta details	9
4.2	XML Sitemap	10
4.3	Check for dead, broken links	10
5	Content Management	10
5.1	Regularly update content	10
5.2	Sales brochure of products and services	10
5.3	FAQ	10
5.4	Online chat	10
5.5	Newsletter/RSS feed	10

See some excerpts from the same report:


Contact us for a free case study of your website.

What is cost of the case study?

Absolutely nothing! We don\\\\\\\'t charge you anything for it.

No charge!

Do we need anything other than your website url?

QThe quality of our analysis depends on our competence as well as the quality of the data we have. If you can provide us any details other than what we can find on your website, it will improve quality of the report we will create for you. You may send us a ranking report, google analytics report, etc. if your website is already being optimized.

What if your website is already being optimized?

We use checkpoints to create a report for you. After receiving the report, you need not change your SEO service provider. You can use the report to discuss the findings of it with them. If you feel that there is a strong reason to switch your service provider, we will be glad to offer our services to you.

Contact us for a free case study of your website.