SEO Friendly Web Design

An SEO-friendly web design is essential requirement for a good SEO work. Without it you may have sub-optimal results and the cost of doing SEO work will also be higher.


We do all regular things as other web designing companies do, for example:

  • No use of Flash
  • No use of frames
  • Use researched keywords in pages
  • Keywords in title and heading tags
  • Keywords in URLs
  • External css stylesheets
  • Keywords in anchor texts
  • Keywords in alt attributes of images

We do something extra:

Based on Google Design and content guidelines, we have developed a checklist to ensure SEO friendly websites for our clients:

  • Does the site have clear hierarchy and text links?
  • Is every page reachable from at least one static text link?
  • Does the site have a sitemap for users?
  • If the site map has an extremely large number of links, is sitemap presented in hierarchial fashion?
  • Is any page with excessive number of links?
  • Is content relevant and written for visitors?
  • Is alt tag used for all images?
  • Are elements and ALT attributes descriptive and accurate?
  • Is the site free from broken links?
  • Are page URLs human friendly?
  • Has website been checked in a text browser such as Lynx?
  • Are crawlers allowed to crawl site without a session ID or arguments?
  • Does the web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header?
  • Is robots.txt file created and updated to block the pages and folders not required to be crawled?
  • Does the site appear correctly in different browsers?
  • Is site's performance and load times optimized?
  • Is the site free from "cloaking" or sneaky redirects?
  • Is site free from hidden texts or hidden links?
  • Are all keywords relevant to the page?
  • Is the site free from duplicate content?
  • Is the site free from "doorway" pages?