Our Guaranteed Plans

SeoToBiz offers you guaranteed SEO plans to ensure that you get value for your money, and bring certainty to returns on your Investment (ROI).

We offer several guarantee options:

Ranking based Rate:

We will charge you based on a specified rank that we achieve for a specified keyword. We set very specific targets, that are associated with price. As the ranking improvement of keywords depends on the competition, quality of a website and its content, as well as on-page and off-page optimizations, the rates will vary in each case. In general, we use Google ranking for calculation and billing. However, we may use any other mutually agreeable measurement method that we see suitable.

Traffic based Rate:

We will charge for increase in traffic per month. Similar to ranking based rate, we also offer several targets and rates associated with it. We use Google Analytics for traffic data calculations and billing.

Please send your website for case study or click here to read about our pricing plans.

Quick Results

Get results in days! Read more about how we ensure quick results.

Guaranteed Performance

We give you a plan, and we perform to the plan. Our plans are based on target traffic. Read more about our guaranteed plans.

Cost Effective

Cost matters to you, and we ensure the best returns on your investment. Read more about cost of SEO and our pricing plans.

Transparent Reporting

Synopsis with detailed reports help you track our work and performance. We ensure transparency and effectiveness in our reports. Read more about our reporting process.