We offer a number of pricing plans that you can choose from:

  • Project based Rate:
    This is usually part of a web development project, but can be provided without it as well. We charge a flat fee based on an estimate of the time and effort required to execute the project. This price is determined by considering the target of the SEO project as mutually agreed upon based on your goals and objectives. We then implement the plan for the project.
  • Monthly Retainer:
    Mostly combined with development, marketing & ongoing maintenance, you can hire us for a monthly retainer. The cost of retainership will be based on an assessment of the number of hours required on average each month.                     
  • Ranking based Rate:
    We will charge you based on the rank we achieve for a specified keyword. The rates will vary in each case. We use Google ranking for calculation and billing. As the keyword ranking for a website is specific to its website, a detailed study is needed to estimate the effort and price to bring the keyword into top ranks. Contact us for detailed pricing for the keyword rankings of your website.


Why does this website not have prices?

As described in this page, giving a price quote is difficult, as every website is different in nature. Send your website to us and we will be happy to send you a quote.

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