Before you decide you want to hire us or anyone else as SEO for your website, ask us for critical case study of the site. It will cost you nothing. We will provide you a very detailed report about the status and potential of your website.

Once you receive our report, take and informed decision based on the findings and recommendations in the report. If your website is already being optimized, talk to your SEO. See what they suggest. Remember, they have been working on your website and they might be knowing lot more than what we could gather in our very short period of analytical study.

Few more things about us:

  • We keep it very simple.
  • We focus only on major search engines.
  • We follow 80-20 rule. We target top few pages of your website and top few keywords.
  • We take care of all the on-page changes when we do optimization, you don't need an extra programmer

What will you get if you hire us?


We share all the details through our portal. All the research findings, documents, details of work we don for your website, changes we make on the website, all of them you can find on the portal.

At any point of time, you may go to portal and take reports or access data related to you account. Besides, we send you weekly and monthly reports which are uploaded on portal as well. See more details here.

We manage your website maintenance

For a normal maintenace work and small changes, we will provide you service free of cost. This is part of our SEO contract unless you want it otherwise.

Our unique approach to meta data management

Our unique approach in managing meta information makes SEO work easy and collaborative in nature. Read more about our SEO friendly web design approach here.

Knowledge Transfer when you decide to move on

Though we don't expect it, but there will be times when some of our clients may like to move their SEO work from us to some other service providers or their in-house teams. In such a scenario, you can plan a very successful knowledge transfer from us to your new SEO team. We have made portal a knowledge repository and your new team just have to tap the resources there to know about all the things we might have done for you. They won't have to do research, go on the expedition to search on the Internet what was already done and where they should start.

Don't wait, contact us now!

Having no time for your SEO?

Sorry, we can't work together.

Please don't misunderstand us. This is not our arrogance. But we strongly believe that a successful SEO work is possible only with active participation of the client. If you are not there to tell us about your business and your objective from SEO work, we will be doing something which may not be very useful to you.

We need to continuously interact with you to know of the latest developments in your business, to get our doubts clarified and to review the work done and take a collective decision about the direction of SEO work.

Your participation is must. Without it, there is little chance of success.