What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique which is used by SEO professionals or in short SEO, try to increase visitors to your website. They mainly focus on two sources for driving visitors to your site:

  • Hyperlinks to your website on other websites
  • Search Engines

Hyperlinks to your website on other websites:

More websites display your website as a link on their pages, more likely that an internet user will discover your site and visit it. An SEO will post your site information on a large number of sites related to your business or listing sites known as directories. He will also use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. to publicize your website on the internet.

Search Engines:

The search engines have complex algorithm to rank your website for a particular word or phrase (known as keywords in SEO terms), and display them in their search results. They take a number of factors into account. However, some of key factors used by search engines to rank your website higher and show at the top of their search results are as follows:

  • Number of links of your site on other websites (backlinks)
  • Content on your website
  • Webpage meta data
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • Description
  • No broken links
  • XML Sitemap

How do SEO's increase backlinks?

They use a number of techniques to increase backlinks to your website. Some common methods are:

  • Directory Submission
  • Classified Ad Posting
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Forum Postings and Blog Commenting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Hosting
  • Blog Distribution
  • Newsletter Submission
  • Video Ad Posting
  • Clipmark Posting
  • RSS Feed Submission
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Profile Creation
  • Link Wheel

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Will SEO increase visitors to your site?

Mostly yes with disclaimer below:

The traffic to your site depends on a lot of factors including what SEO's can do for your website. They will certainly help you in tapping the potential traffic to your website if the one already exists. They don't create new set of visitors for you. Most often, you might be in a business domain or a similar to something already popular and people search for them on Internet. An SEO will optimize your website and publicize it on other websites to maximize the probability of internet users visiting to your site.

What kind of experts are SEO professionals?

They are experts in traffic analysis of websites. They are not subject-matter experts in your business. They look for reasons why internet users visit your site or similar site like yours; what terms and phrases people are looking for when they are searching for services and products you sell, Based on their analysis, they create meta information in your web-pages, do lots of other activities like directory posting, articles submission, social networking etc. to enhance visibility of your site on the internet, particularly search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Who writes contents for on-page and off-page usage?

As stated above, SEO's are not subject-matter experts in your business. They take help of content-writers to write content for your website. In this context, it will be advisable for you to get engaged yourself to ensure quality of the content being written for your website. No one knows your business better that you.

Do you need to devote your time with your SEO?

Obviously yes if you want quality result from the SEO. The time required may not be substantial in terms of hours per week. However, your participation is absolutely recommended. You need to tell your SEO about your business, latest developments and news. They will use them for your advantage. Lack of information from your side will handicap him.

Another aspect is how your SEO is doing. Ask for traffic data, at least once in a month. Ask for a brief on changes to number of visitors and underlying analysis of the traffic stats.